Home of the Crocs ~ Founded in 2001
Home of the Crocs ~ Founded in 2001

Thokozane Msane - 2004

UMhlathuze Athletic club athlete Thokozane "Tokkie" Msane is very proud of his club and says he has a lot to thank the road running sport for:
My running started from my first year in the lower primary school but could only run 100m at most. In actual fact I was doing it out of interest, it was just because we were forced to do it. My interest started when I met the Badenhorst family in the early ninenties. I asked this family one Saturday when came for gardening why they are always on the run every morning, they explained to me and I told them that I would like to join someday. Unexpectedly Mr Badenhorst told me that him and Vince Brown are doing 21km training run from 18h00 and I can join them if I want to.The training started finished around about 20h00 in the evening. After training I was stiff and the next morning could not walk, mind you I had to garden that very same morning.The whole day I was walking scew.

My very first race was the Sardine half Marathon In Portchepstone and have done quite a lot of races including the Comrades Marathon.Just wanna tell you a shot story after Comrades. Listen what happed, It was a battle to climb into the bakkie and after got into the bakkie I cramped all the way until we got home. I had to pick my car from Mr badenhorst's house,so I did. I drove home, When I got home was another battle to get out until I shouted to my Girlfriend for assistance.

Since I have joined this sport (Running) I have learnt a lot i.e making friendship with people of different races,genders,discipline etc. Runners are very patience with each other. And have learnt what sport is all about.

Some memories come into mind if ever think to go run away from home. The first one that comes is about my car that got stolen in Balito. I can still recall what happened that night, the guy where we had to sleep over opened the radio so loud that you could not hear any other sound from the surounding. I think he did it deliberately so that I could not hear my car being driven away.

I still got a goal in mind that I need to achieve that is to get Silver in Comrades, although it does not seem so easy to attain but oneday dreams will come true.
The last but not least, I wish to thank the Badenhorst 's family for everything that they have done for me, and I must say that I have leant a lot from them.Up to where I am it's through them.
We wish Tokkie the best in achieving his running goals.