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Mario Hibbers - 2005

The final personality of 2004 is Umhlathuze athletic club member Mario Hibbers who likes to joke about his running:
Since I can remember I loved to run, in fact I use to hate walking. If my parents asked me to fetch something I ran to wherever in or around the house and back. Even when we went to town I would run like a Brent Russell through the crowds of people in the shopping centres (much to the frustration of my mother and other shoppers). I did every possible sport that I could in school, as long as I could run. Obviously I did athletics and performed well in the 800 and 1500 meters. But my real love for distance running accidentally started in high school when I wanted to leave school early on the Friday, so I went to my athletics coach who was the Deputy Principal (unfortunately I can't mention his name) and told him that I want to leave school early that Friday. We had a big Zululand Schools Athletics meeting at our school the next day and he told me that he knows that I got my mind set on the middle distances but he has a problem with the 3000 meter because we had no athletes to represent our school in the event. I himmed and ahhed for a while and then agreed to help him out. He then asked me, what time I, would like to go home. He then gave me a note and I was off to the beach! The next morning I ran the 3000 with no effort and came second, I couldn't believe how easy it was!
After school I ran the odd fun run and half marathon and did my first marathon in 1994. But it wasn't until 1998 when I started doing ultra marathons and I completed the Two Oceans and Comrades in the same year. My first comrades was naturally special, as anybody that has completed it would tell you. Nothing beats the feeling when you run into the stadium with thousands of people cheering you on and when you cross that finish line. After my first comrades I vowed never to run a single meter again but for some unknown reason I have completed another 6 on the trot! Weird huh? My goal is to get my Green number and to do another comrades with it. Hell who knows, maybe I'll go for the double!
Go for it Crocodile!