Home of the Crocs ~ Founded in 2001
Home of the Crocs ~ Founded in 2001

Charleen Hingle - 2007

Why does anybody start anything........ the challenge of course. At a hockey match it was mentioned that there was a 21 km race the next day and did Yvonne and I think we could complete it. We had done a few weeks morning training, about 5km each morning. Well who turns down the challenge, so off we went and after doing our first 21 km race and declaring we will never do another one ha! ha!, famous last words. The bug had bitten. We finished another 21km and even bettered our last time, great achievement. We then decided to try a 50km, cannot be that far... can it, stupid aren’t we!. However I completed the 50km in the allotted time blisters and all, again the words "never ever again" came up, do not ever believe yourself because you will go back for more.

Having walked many races and in different places with stunning views, beautiful sunrises and  friends, made awesome.

My walking partner, Sonia, and I are well known at races, if one is seen the people want to know where the other one is. Together we have pulled each other through races and had many a good laugh along the way.

I have made many friends along the way be it races or morning training walks and within the UAC itself. Often on a Saturday training route you will find the bunch walking and talking and if timed correctly drinking coffee or hot chocolate along the way.
The crocs are a fantastic bunch, full of fun and can be relied on for their support and chirps along the way.

To the friends and fellow walkers that I am still to meet, I'm sure we will have great times.
To the friends I have made, thanks for the words of encouragement, company and laughs.
To all the croc's, see you on the road!