Home of the Crocs ~ Founded in 2001
Home of the Crocs ~ Founded in 2001

Alastair Fagg - 2007

I started running approximately 10 years ago (1997).

I was introduced to running through this mad Dutchman ,whose wife incidentally was a friend of my wifes(they taught together at empangeni high) We were at a braai at his house and he started to tell me all about his running experiences, the MALPITTE he had met,and then challenged me to run with him, to see if this soutie was tough enough to one day run the comrades - a mans event he told me. Being the upstanding fellow that I am, I immediately looked him in the eye,asked him if he remembered Isandlhwana?., because us Souties can run,..ask the thousands of Zulus that were there on the day. So Jan Badenhorst, my friend,you hooked me into running.

Ive run 3 comrades,best of 09:12 Best ultra was the Bergville, time of 04:27 Best marathon 03:22 My best is yet to come next year when I go for the 08:50 at comrades,then I have achieved my personal pinnacle in running.(man what a race) I will always run for UMHLATHUZE.

Funniest moment.has to be going through the 28 km mark on the bergville run,at  pace,feeling great,legs strong,running with 2 very small and fit black guys. Were talking away,and the one guy turns to me,and explains that hes run this race before,won it twice,and that he's here to teach his protege some tricks. Well, I knew I was in deep dwang,a complete novice out toward the front of the field, with 28 odd kms to go". Aikona So I dropped off at the 32km mark,and still giggle about it today.

Person I have motivated I believe, my wife Debbie, we hope she runs her first comrades next year.

Alastair loop en val fagg