Yvonne Wiid - 2005

This experienced Umhlathuze Athletic Club lady has completed the most comrades marathons for a lady in the club(11), she askes:
Not sure how many runners out there have started training for the big "C" over a bet in a bar? That's me! Never ran before, except the odd 100ms at school. So there I was, in September 1980's having a quiet drink after work and someone bet me that I would not finish the comrades the following year. In my inebriated state I shook hands on the bet. The bet was R100.00 (please, in hindsight I should have said R1000.00) and a case of beer. Those days the comrades was run in May, so I figured what the hell- I had enough time to train and all I had to do was finish it in the cut-off time. (ha!)

Then the training started. Man, my first 4kms was a nightmare! I had every pain you could ever imagine! I complained with every step I took (still do) and vowed it was the last time I went out for a run. Anyway I did finish the comrades the following year with a mere 12mins to spare. Cut-off was 11hrs. I was off work for 2 days and swore, NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

Well, I hear you all say "famous last words"! Exactly! Here we are 11 comrades later, 1 hundred miler, The Washie, and two (don't ask me why I do this) Mont-aux-sources later.

But I have to admit, training as I do with the mates I do, when I want, I am enjoying just being able to be out there on the road. No pressure, no competition, just good company, lots of laughs and lots of ground hugging!

Yvonne is always a pleasure to train or run races with and her good humour and experience a benefit to all club members. We wish her well in this years Comrades.