Goodman Mngomezulu - 2004

Highly motivated Umhlathuze Athletic Club Athlete Goodman Mngomezulu writes:

When I was young I was hoping to be a professional soccer player like every African boy growing up in the rural areas hopes. Things did not turn out that way, at primary school I was participating in both soccer and athletics. This carried on into high school.

In 1988 I took part in a school athletic competition at The University of Zululand. I was representing Khombindela high for both the 1500 M and the 5000 M . I got position 3 in the 5000M and 2 for the 1500M . So I went for the 1500 M in the next round at Eshowe and again qualified for the next round in Durban. Here I did not make it and left athletics after that and went back to soccer. In 2000 I decided to join a local athletic club and stayed with them for 4 years. In 2004 I made a commitment to try for Silver in Comrades and decided to join Umhlathuze Athletic club as they have lots of Comrades experience.

I did not make Silver this year but still ran my best Comrades and earned a Bill Rowan medal (sub 9 hours). To say thank you to my Club for what they have done for me I will try my best to get Silver in Comrades next year.

Goodman has completed 4 Comrades Marathons and is part of the Crocodile men’s team that have won many team prizes at various races and nicknamed the " A " team. He is also part of the Crocodile squad following DR Corne Herbst training for Silver Comrades next year.

We know with his talent this Crocodile will do his club proud in future and wish him well in his running.