Bruce Grierson - 2005

I have, as far back as I can remember, always enjoyed running, be it road running or cross country running.

My interest in running ultra races goes back about 25 years when I used to go with my dad at 04:00 in the morning to second my late uncle at Comrades. I stood there in awe as thousands of unknown faces passed by, the colours of too many clubs to comprehend. It was then that I decided to one day run Comrades.

After qualifying on the Besenol Marathon I ran my first ultra, the Two Oceans Marathon, in 1990, and there-after ran only half marathons.

My interest in long-distance running took off again in 2000 when an old school friend, Anthony Holmes, persuaded me to join our local running club (Probably because he didn't like the canary yellow colours of my previous club). Since then I have run a further 4 Two Oceans Marathons, 4 Comrades Marathons, received my permanent number for Mont-aux-Sources Challenge, and run numerous marathons and ultras.

I have made some very good friends over the years. Our regular early morning group of Glenda Badenhorst, Yvonne Wiid, Cathy Brown, Anthony Holmes and Emilia de Klerk has formed a good friendship, and the "chirping" at one another always brings a smile to the group, even at 04:55 in the morning. There are always words of encouragement for forthcoming events, as well as the post-race enquiries as to how the event was, etc.

My wife, Elzette, has always been there to support me, even though there are times when I am away over weekends and running season never seems to come to an end, and is always there to massage aching muscles. For that I am most grateful.

My goal, God willing, is to obtain my permanent numbers in both the Two Oceans Marathon and Comrades.