Bongani Ndlovu - 2005

The likeable uMhlathuze Athletic Club athlete Bongani Ndlovu tells how he started running: I did karate as a sport from 1980 to 1989 when I saw Sam Shabalala winning the Comrades Marathon. I immediately wanted to run a Comrades marathon. I asked other runners what am I supposed to do if I wanted to run a Comrades marathon. They informed me that I must join a club and run a standard marathon 42,2km under 4h 30 m to qualify for Comrades, They said it was easy to do this and I must qualify in October on the Sappi Scottburg to Toti marathon.
We slept at Toti the night before the race and traveled by train at 3 am the next morning to Scottburg . On the train other runners wearing running shoes noticed that I was wearing boots. They asked me if I was going to run 42.2km in boots and I answered yes that I always run in boots.

I ran the race comfortably until 38km when my feet hurt. I took off my boots and saw that both my feet were bleeding. I remember the crowd edging me on at the 40km mark. I was glad to enter the stadium and finish the race in 3h03 min (missing Silver medal by 3 min- silver is sub 3 hours).

My next marathon I did in proper running shoes finishing in a time of 2 h 42 min.
I did not really know how to train for my first Comrades, but ended up with a time of 7 hours 18 min (earning a Silver medal-sub7h30m). I completed 10 Comrades marathons in 2004 to earn my permanent green number.

My dreams are to run a Silver two oceans marathon (sub 4 hours) and run Comrades Gold. Further I would also like to do a 100 miler road race.

I would like to thank my sponsors and all the Crocodiles for helping us black runners.
Jan Badenhorst when asked for comment on this Crocodile ,responded: "God made a few Gentleman, Bongani is one of them"